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Magnetic Filter Bar

Magnetic Filter Bar Magnetic Filter Bar Magnetic Filter Bar Magnetic Filter Bar

Product name:Magnetic Filter Bar



Magnetic filter bar provides effective means removing ferrous chips and metal particles from loosely packed, free flowing materials. They are usually made of 304/316 stainless steel tubes and filled with rare earth neodymium magnet.It is widely used in ceramic raw materials,chemicals and pharmaceuticals,machinery,electronics,paint,pigments,food processing,textile etc.
Representation:  for example [ CB 12000GS 25×200 H M8×20-1 ]
Max Working Temperature: ①N:80℃; ②M:100℃; ③H:120℃;④SH:150℃;⑤UH:180℃;  ⑥EH:200℃
Following is the relationship between diameter, magnetic force and maximum operation temperature for reference.
“√"means it can be manufactured on the condition of the diameters listed in the table."-"means can not be manufactured.

Nail head, eye nuts, thread hole, threaded rod and other kind of ends for necessary mounding.

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