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Magnetic Water Activator

Magnetic Water Activator Magnetic Water Activator Magnetic Water Activator Magnetic Water Activator

Product name:Magnetic Water Activator



The magnetic water activator to adopt advanced technology of "magnetic agglomeration",the passage of water through the field, the design of more sophisticated, more reasonable, more powerful, to form a steady stream of strong magnetic field, magnetic capacity up to 8000 GS,active energy 50% higher than that of similar products, completely beyond the other similar products. After magnetic energy quantum continuously strong impact, forcing the water molecules of hydrogen bond Angle changes, nano quantization, and reordering, H2O subtle changes have taken place in microscopic physical and chemical indicators, its marked characteristics is the activity of macromolecules regiment raw water change into small molecular group water, enhance the polarization effect and hysteresis effect of H2O, thus effectively prevent scale formation, and the harmful structure such as CaCO3 and MgCO3 decomposition, water permeability, solubility and diffusion force is also improved, bring the body's cells more reactive oxygen species, promote metabolism, relieve fatigue.
The magnetic water activator main function:
1, to prevent and interfere with the formation of scale, is not easy to form scum, boiling water, cooking time saving, energy saving;
2, smoke, therapy effect is obvious, effectively protect the body health.
3, palate has obvious improvement, become more sweet cool delicious;
4, promote the secretion, improve the function of intestines and stomach, drainage unobstructed, treating constipation;
5, improve sleep, improve sleep quality.
6, reduce and remove chlorine taste, protect the oral cavity and the trachea from stimulus;
7, good for the body to absorb, drink a cup of magnetized water, the equivalent of seven cups of water;
8, with the ecological activity, can easily penetrate into skin, make skin keep enough 
moisture, protect skin to raise colour, prevent acne acne removing, clearing mite;
9, let dry hair hair absorb more moisture, effectively improves the dry hair bifurcate, easy to break, the phenomenon such as;
10, ease to improve skin diseases (psoriasis, psoriasis, luck, athlete's foot), inhibits fungal propagation and regeneration;
11, improve lithiasis, symptoms such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis, and diabetes;
12, watering flowers and plants can promote growth and prolong flowering; Irrigate crops can improve the germination percentage, improve crop production.


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