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Strong Water Magnetizer

Strong Water Magnetizer Strong Water Magnetizer Strong Water Magnetizer Strong Water Magnetizer

Product name:Strong Water Magnetizer



Strong Water Magnetizer
I. Introduction 
Strong magnetic water magnetizer treats water with the strong magnetic strength field generated from strong magents. It is widely used for scale prevention, scale removal, bacteria killing and algae removal, corrosion prevention and rust prevention by meansof changing the physical water structure while not changing its chemical structure. With stronger central magnetic field and smaller magnetic interference to the outside, strong magnetic water descaler is high efficienct but lowe cost for water treatment, which is the best new water purifier with such an unique and novel structure.
II. Working principle 
Making use of great energy that generates from neodymium, iron, boron, rare earth and permanent magnetic material, with optimal design, and form a crest vertical center field. When water or fluid flow through the vertical magnetic field, it will produce an electromotive force, the lattice refinement, the original water fouling crystal particle size from about 3.39 microns to about 0.22 microns, flow rate will be faster, the electromotive force generated is greater, the effect is more ideal, to achieve the purpose of anti-scaling and scale removal.
Meanwhile, water flow is treated by magnetic field, lead to the electrical conductivity and osmotic pressure changed and microbial cell ruptured, and cells stop breeding, which achieves effect of sterilization and algae removal.
Since the water treated by magnetic field, it will produce tiny electron flow, which change Fe2O3• NH2O into stable Fe3O4 and generates black magnetic iron oxide which deposited onto the tube wall surface to form a film barrier layer, the oxygen in the water separated from the pipe wall, in this case, it will realize the purpose of rust removal and prevention.
Product features 
1.High efficiency to prevent pipe from scale and rust.
2.Environmental protection:No secondary pollution from dosing chemicals. 
3. No energy cost, long lifespan. 
4.No need for specialized management with low maintenance cost.
5. Small, simple and quick installation.
6. Low investment and fast cost-recovery,the central air-conditioner could recover the whole cost within 2 years.
7.Improve heating transfer efficiency, energy saving ratio could be (15% -30%).
1.Central Air Conditioning System
2.Industrial cooling water system
3.Landscape, swimming pool system
4.Heat exchange system, heating system
5.Production and domestic hot water supply system.
6.Agricultural irrigation water
Installation instructions 
1.Before to install the magnetic water descaling equipment,  the magnetic equipment and pipe system should be washed, rust and dust in the intenal pipe should be removed, iron slag and iron powder inside equipment and the pipe also need to be cleaned,and a high filtration rating filter should be installed before the magnetic water descaler section. a valve for sewage outfall should be installed under the equipment.
2.If there is no high filtration rating filter(we suggested it should be ) installed before the magnetic water descaling equipment,the lifespan of magentic water descaler is five to six years .you could also to disassemble the magnetizer to remove ferro magnetic substance which adsorbed in magnetic field according to the practical requirement to prolong the effective lifespan as possible as you can.
3.when it is connected with these water treatment equipment(condenser, heat exchanger, cooling tower,etc),it is better to be vertical installation,which could avoid suspended substance in water precipitate on the magentic water descaler to affect the treatment effect.
4.There should be no water tank or cistern between this magnetic water descaler and the following equipment,which means the water treated by magentic water descaler should flow into the next equipment directly.
Here i have some other details/information got from our engineers and previous customer who purchased and operated this magnetic descaling equipment.
01. As it is hot and dry in North Africa,the water in well or underground will be with higher salt content than normal level,which is not good for growth of plant. you know, if we want to remove whole salt content in water for human drinking standard,we have to adopt RO system with higher quality and expensive cost. For example, for 1000LPH(1 m3/hour)RO system, it will cost 6200 USD.most buyer will not accpept it.
Besides, there is no need to adopt such high level/requirement for agricultural irrigation water if the treated water could reach or get close to normal standard. 
03.the magnetic descaling equipment with higher magnet power could reduce the salt content in water(NOT remove salt content completely).
04. It is strictly limit or prohibit the chemical dosing for descaling in most countries. it is the strongest descaling effect and lower cost.After all,the more or less chemical residue will be harmful for human beings.
05.The better descaling equipment could be chemical dosing device,but for healthy method, it could be filled with food-grade chemical agent. The best descaling equipment is ion-exchange water softener,but it is with higher cost and require electricity power supplying for working,which will be inconvenient for outdoors operating.


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